Mentoring and Reaching the Community

Going to law school was a dream from a young age because I found a deep satisfaction in making the lives of those around me better. I want to encourage others to understand that hard work, integrity and courage creates opportunities to make the world a better place. No matter what background you come from, or what your current situation may be, you truly can achieve your goals. They’re not as far-fetched as they may seem.

God blessed me with three children of my own and…..many others who call me “mamma.” Raising my children, mentoring young people and coaching volleyball have been opportunities for many, many blessings in my life. Volunteering and supporting organizations such as the Armed Services YMCA, The Free Women’s Center, various youth sports clubs, the Salvation Army and the Good Samaritan has been very rewarding because it makes the community better for everyone. Practicing law in Missouri for over 17 years has made me grateful for the opportunity to make a living providing a service that makes each of my client’s lives better. Take a look at some of my photos below!


In the Community

Kimberly is on the board of the Free Women’s Center in Pulaski County and has recently donated 5 acres of land and will be involved in the construction of the Nativity House.

Kimberly participated in a Night to Shine event supported by the Tim Tebow Foundation in February. She escorted Prom King Matthew to this event and Kimberly learned he was the most special date she’s ever had.

Remodeling the New Office

In 2012, Kimberly remodeled the old License Bureau building in Houston for the new Law Office building. In 2017, she turned a run-down building in Houston to the beautiful office space she occupies today. See the before and after photos to the right. Her current project is remodeling a historic building in Downtown Waynesville to be her new location for Pulaski County. Progress photos coming soon!


2018 Women’s Conceal & Carry Expo

Kimberly and her associate attorney, Caitlyn M. Bessette, recently were part of a Q&A panel at the Bow & Barrel 2018 Women’s Conceal & Carry Expo. There they answered questions from the local community on guns and trusts.