“Love, as He loved. Give, as He gave. Sacrifice, instead of take; and, surrender, becomes strength…”


Shortly after I began writing daily devotionals, God inspired me to write music.

I knew it was His inspiration because I don’t read music and I certainly had never written it. I play guitar passably and there is nothing outstanding about my voice. Miraculously, since 2014, He has allowed me to release 22 original songs and several others are in various stages of production.

Some of the songs, like “Never Alone” and “Walk On” were inspired by how God walked me through my own personal struggles. Others, like “Abba Father” and “Best Friend” were inspired by my experience of God’s Presence. The song “Pray (And Get Out of the Way)” was inspired by my mother. I love patriotic music and so “Freedom’s Dream” and “Blessed Liberty” both have patriotic overtones.

Although all the music is Christian, the genre varies widely. I love all kinds of music and I’m amazed at how God has put it all together.

I remember the first time that my mom heard the song “Pray,” she said: “Is that really you singing because that sounds really good!?” I laughed and told her: “That’s what God does—takes a little of nothing and makes it into something.”

It’s true—the music is fun and entertaining and it’s definitely ALL God! I write and record in Arkansas with a very talented musician, Jacob Paul. His studio, InsideOut Studio, is in Farmington, Arkansas @insideoutNWA. All our music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora.

Kimberly is not only passionate about her music but the whole process and who is involved. Her children often provide vocals for many songs and her staff assist in the graphics and production of the CD’s and other materials. Her own photography along with her daughter’s is used for much of the album graphics. For more on Kimberly’s music and special interest outside of the law firm, visit

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