Supporting World Missions

Believe it or not, not everything we do as a law firm is about the law. Our focus is not solely on winning court battles, making a name for ourselves within the legal community, or having the most advertising slots in the phone book. Everything we do has a deeper purpose. Every chance we get, we give something back. Not only do the individual members of this law firm feel that way as private persons living their private lives…we also feel that way as a whole, and we operate our business with the intent that we will use our accomplishments to lift others up around us (whether they’re right down the street or half-way around the world).

One very special case in point is the Lee Family from Houston, Missouri.

A while back, Kimberly met a wonderful family from our small Central Missouri community. This family felt compelled by the Lord to embark on an incredible, faith-testing journey. They essentially sold everything they owned to raise enough money to set out on a mission of salvation, love, hope, and truth…deep into the rain forests of Nicaragua.

In addition to so many other things they have accomplished since their arrival in this seemingly all-but-forgotten section of the world, not to mention the incredible “bucket list” of things they hope and desire to accomplish for their fellow man in the years ahead, the Lee family has already built an orphanage – literally from the ground up – to provide shelter, a safe haven, food, medicine, education, life skills, love, and fellowship to orphans in and around the Miskito Indian Tribal lands. Some of the stories from their journey thus far can literally bring you to tears and make your heart ache for these poor, desolate people of the rain forest. On the other hand, where there is a Will, there is a Way, and God is alive and well, and making daily strides, in the lives of these people! The locals are receptive to the Word of God (well, many of them anyway), and while there is still so very much to do, great things are definitely happening over there!

Matthew 28:19

After several discussions, some much-needed prayer, and ultimately a unified team decision to support the Lees in their mission for our Lord and Savior, the law firm of Kimberly F. Lowe committed to helping with the orphanage to the best of our ability. We send support in different forms, and pray for them regularly. We challenge everyone reading this page to do the same!

Whether you are able to offer monetary, tangible, or professional support, make a trip to Nicaragua to physically help with the orphanage or other ministries in progress, or simply wish to pray for this incredible family and the locals who work with them to help make this effort a success, we strongly encourage you to visit the website for their cause “Religion to Relationship Ministries” where you can learn all sorts of things about their dream, their purpose, their successes, their struggles, their needs, and their incredible, selfless faith in God. You can go directly to their site, which they update periodically, by clicking the link below:

Eli and Leah and their beautiful family truly are an inspiration! We are so blessed to be able to watch God make huge strides in the hearts and lives of people in a remote area of the world where His name, His promise, and His glory have rarely, if ever, been shared before…and better yet…to see those precious lost souls welcome Jesus into their lives! AMEN!